Pray for China

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! We have been working to distribute the postcards for the Chinese ambassador in Washington DC. We have distributed almost 40,000 and will be distributing another 20,000 next week. If you would like some of these postcards to share with your church family, relatives or friends, please let us know.

Please continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you for the church in China. It is difficult to hear the stories of what Christians face in our day and time. After reading and seeing movies about the Holocaust and then visiting Auschwitz, I've wondered what it would be like to live in such terrible oppression. As we hear reports about China being a police state, how people are being watched all the time by cameras and facial recognition software, and how citizen's rights are being violated, it seems surreal. It is difficult to hear how many in China are being treated as criminals for just believing in Jesus.

We are hearing reports that President Xi is requiring churches to put Mao Tse-tung's' picture on the altar along with President Xi's picture. What makes a person believe they are worthy of worship and to try to steal worship from the one true God? I must remind myself that we wrestle not with flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12-13) and that Satan is really the enemy.  We must remember to pray for President Xi and all the Communist officials. Our prayer is that God will use this situation for His glory and that more people will turn to Jesus. Our prayer is that God's Church will stand strong in China and the Lord Jesus Himself will fight for His Church.

Please take a moment and sign the petition for President Trump. Thank you so much!

God bless you!

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

(2 Chronicles 7:14)

Upcoming Trips

Please prayerfully consider joining us on our trips to many regions of the world evangelizing and creating disciples!

Closed Central American Nation Bible Smuggling: January 16-22/January 29-February 6/March 6-12

Closed SE Asia Bible smuggling: January 2-15/January 17-31

India April 19-30/April 23-May 2

Apply here to join us as we serve the persecuted church and help to heal the brokenhearted!

Praise Reports

  • Praise the Lord! Our children in Myanmar are doing well. They are involved in soccer, community cleaning programs and even have been featured on a tv special. The children are even helping to build cement bricks in their free time for their new homes. They see it as a "science" project and they love it!

  • Praise the Lord! Our family working on a new project in a closed country are making lots of progress to begin rescuing street children! Praise God that His hand is in every aspect of the ministry and that He provides so quickly for those in need!

Prayer Requests‚Äč

  • Please continue to pray for China as the churches are being shut down and facing horrible persecution. Pray for the Chinese government that they will come to Christ and see that what they are doing is wrong. Pray that the citizens get to register their churches and have fellowship with the Lord in a public manner. Pray that God will overpower their government and save many!

  • Pray for our teams traveling that God will keep them safe and guide them on their trips. Pray He gives them wisdom and opportunity to show His love and strength to those around them.

Current Needs


Persecution for the believers living in China is increasing. Vision Beyond Borders has started a petition calling for action by our government. The petition must have 100,000 signatures within 30 days for the president to take action. Please take a brief moment to sign the petition, pray for the church in China, and forward the link to others. This will take less than a minute of your time to complete. 

Follow this link:

We are working with other ministries to get this project moving forward, and we would appreciate your assistance in raising awareness of the persecution in China. 

Donations can be made at
or mailed to Vision Beyond Borders PO Box 2635, Casper, WY 82602.

Vision Beyond Borders
P.O. Box 2635  | Casper, Wyoming 82602
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