God Knows Best

Do we know what is best for us? Parents know that sometimes children ask for things that would not be good for them, like an extra helping of cake before bed. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of a better-informed clerk or salesperson telling you “No, you don’t want that one” for reasons that turned out to be perfectly accurate.

We don’t know everything, or even a small sliver of everything. So we often desire things that God in His all-powerful wisdom knows are not what is best for us. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised or disheartened when God answers our prayers differently than we hoped.

In 1 Kings 14, King Jeroboam sent his wife to a prophet because his son Abijah was ill. Jeroboam had followed a path of idolatry and had not stayed faithful to the Lord, who had made him king over ten tribes of Israel. So the message his wife received through the prophet Ahijah was harsh: Jeroboam’s entire family would be wiped out so violently they wouldn’t even have a burial.

But there was an exception: God told Jeroboam’s wife that her son Ahijah would die a peaceful death and receive a good funeral. “All Israel will mourn for him and bury him… because in him something good was found toward the Lord God of Israel in the house of Jeroboam.” (I Kings 14:13)

We wouldn’t normally call a sentence of death good news. But God clearly was showing favor and mercy on Abijah compared to the fate of the rest of his clan. While his parents surely desired him to live, God knew that such a life would lead to a worse end. Perhaps Ahijah, surrounded by idolatrous influences, would have turned away from God entirely.

Romans 8:28 assures us that God “causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.” That doesn’t mean we get what we want. It means we get what our good and loving God wants, and that is far better. Let’s praise Him for His mercy and that we don’t always get what we want!


We are very thankful for the many people who have donated clothing and supplies to both the Casper and Billings warehouses, and to the volunteers who have faithfully come and helped us process and box donations. Thanks to these many generous and hard-working people, we are ready to send containers from Billings and Casper! Originally, these containers were intended to go to two different Middle Eastern countries to be distributed amongst the refugee camps there, but one of the countries has closed their borders to the import of used clothing. 

Although we are discouraged by their unwillingness to accept help for the refugees sheltering in their country, we know that God has a purpose for all things. We pray that He will use these circumstances for His glory. We believe that He has a perfect plan for both of our containers and that they will end up in exactly the right place that He ordains. Thank you so much to everyone who has made donations or come and volunteered in one of our warehouses; we are so grateful for the way that God has provided bountifully through you to be able to fill and send these containers out so rapidly!

Open House October 17th

Human trafficking is an issue that many people think only affects women and girls in third world countries like India, but did you know that this rampant evil comes much closer to home than you might realize? We are excited to be holding an open house at our Casper warehouse on Thursday October 17th at 7 pm to raise awareness about this serious issue both globally and right here in our communities.

Come and join us for coffee, dessert, and a time of fellowship as we spend the evening discussing why this is an issue that cannot be ignored, what Vision Beyond Borders is doing to rescue women from the horrors of trafficking, and how you can be involved.


Vision Beyond Borders

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Contacts Recovering

We are praising God for the returning health of two of our contacts overseas! One was in a car accident about a month ago which resulted in a spinal fissure and severe pain in her neck and back, but after much testing, she has been released from the hospital and is recovering well. She has more testing that will need to be done, but we are thankful that she is safe and able to recover at home! 

Another of our contacts contracted dengue fever at the beginning of the month and was hospitalized for several days. She is also improving and is expected to make a full recovery for which we are exceedingly grateful to God! We are so thankful that the Lord spared the life of both women and has had His hand of healing on them, and we look forward to them being able to continue their work in the body of Christ. Please pray for the health and safety of all our contacts as they face health and safety risks each day!

Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for one of the girls in our safe house as she had to have an emergency appendectomy last weekend. Pray for a speedy recovery and good care for her in the hospital!

  • Prayer request from our contact at  the  Asha House of Rest Home, "One of our sisters from Asha Nepal is having chemotherapy for having cancer in her ovary. Please pray for her". 

Praise Reports
  • ​An update from a Myanmar pastor: "Praise God that about 200 people gave their lives to Christ last night. And many people received healing and blessing from the Word during this weeks program."

  • Praise God for all the items being donated for the refugees! We are already ready to ship another container out of Casper!

Take a Trip with us!

Please prayerfully consider joining us on our trips to many regions of the world!

Closed Central American Nation Bible smuggling: October 9-15/November 13-19/December 26-31

Closed SE Asia Bible smuggling: November 6-20/December 15-31

India Women's Ministry: November 19-28

Romania Women's Ministry: October 24-November 7

Burma Children's Homes: Christmas Outreach December 3-17


We have many Bible projects going on right now and a Syrian Refugee project is one of them. To donate to these projects please visit the Bibles page here! 

We are getting ready to send out containers in the next few weeks! If you are interested in volunteering to help pack the container for Billings please contact the Billings office at 406-652-3663, and for Casper contact the Casper office at 307-333-6545. If you would like to donate to help send our container please visit https://visionbeyondborders.org/give/

Vision Beyond Borders is looking for a wheel chair to take to a doctor in Central America. If you would like to donate one please drop it off at the Casper Location. 

Please visit https://visionbeyondborders.org/serve/  to see how you can get involved or help with our current needs list!

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